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The Gambia is a predominantly Muslim country but it was not favoured with an Islamic Station to help learn and understand Islaam in its purest form. All the radio stations in the country are secular and therefore not much time is allocated for Islamic propagation. Against this backdrop, Al Falaah Radio was established in order to help enlighten the masses on Islaam. Al Falaah Radio is determined to extend its coverage to the rural areas to meet the demands of the under privileged Muslims and non Muslims alike. Meanwhile, Al Falaah radio has made a significant impact in improving the religions, social and economic lives of many Gambians especially those living in the urban areas. Although the National Radio and community based FM radio stations have registered significant results in improving the lives of communities through enhanced dissemination of vital information in the areas of agriculture, health, education, etc yet limited time is allocated for the propagation of authentic Islaam. Hence, The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council was compelled to establish Al Falaah FM Radio station, the first ever Islamic Radio station in The Gambia with the support from a Charitable Islamic organisation.

Commissioned on July 27th 2013, Al Falaah FM as an Islamic Radio station is part of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council´s renewed commitment to the propagation of the authentic teachings of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ through mass media. The aim of the station is to enhance the dissemination of the moral values of Islam and also enable trusted Islamic Scholars teach Islam as it was revealed to Prophet ﷺ.